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In Home Care Professionals Help Seniors in Managing Kidney Disease

Mar 8, 2018 by Erin Couchell

In home care professionals are beneficial to assisting seniors with managing symptoms related to kidney disease

Nonmedical in home care has helped many seniors live fulfilling and happy lives. By contributing to a seniors improved health, nonmedical in home care makes a major difference in the lives of older adults living with chronic conditions like kidney disease.

One of the most important things about kidney disease that any in home care professional will tell you is that the symptoms go unnoticed and undiagnosed for very long time. Unfortunately, this can mean years for some seniors who do not go to the doctor very often. This is why assisting seniors with frequent health checkups is a major aspect of quality in home care programs.


Individuals with kidney disease will experience changes there is urine and the frequency with which they urinate. Many people who are diagnosed with kidney disease experience bloody urine. On the other hand, others have a urine that is either foamy or bubbly. A kidney disease diagnosis may also result in problems with urinating like the inability to urinate or an overwhelming need to urinate, particularly in the middle of the night while sleeping.


In the later stages of kidney disease, individuals will start to feel very weak and fatigued. This is caused by the buildup of waste in the bloodstream, which cannot be effectively cleaned and disposed off by the kidneys.

Swollen Lower Extremities

Another symptom of kidney disease is swollen feet and ankles. The swelling is caused by the retention of sodium in the bloodstream. When sodium is retained by the body and not filtered out by the kidneys, the body begins to retain water and one of the most common places for storing water are the ankles and feet.

Constant Coldness

Individuals with kidney disease very often feel cold consistently, no matter how well dressed they are or how warm their surroundings are. This is a very uncomfortable side effect of kidney disease and it is caused by anemia resulting from improper filtration of impurities in the blood stream.

Shortness of Breath

Most people associate shortness of breath with heart disease and with not much else. However, it is a symptom of kidney disease and happens in the later stages of the chronic illness. It can be very uncomfortable and comes about as fluid is retained throughout the body and within the lungs, leading to shortness of breath and ultimately death without proper treatment.

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