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Comfort Keepers in home care services help seniors see the positive effects of poetry for their mental wellbeing

Recently, studies have shown the positive benefits of reading and writing poetry for seniors that are suffering from brain diseases. Also, poetry have showed that it slows down symptoms that are common with brain diseases. All of these positive effects are all tied along with when seniors are reading or writing poetry. Doing one or the other will help make a positive effect on seniors physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing.

Benefits of Poetry:

Writing Poetry

  • Creativity: When writing poetry, most poets tend to write about their past. Writing about their past will help seniors remember past events that they want to write about, instead of forgetting about them
  • Therapeutic: Writing poetry is a challenging task, but writing only a few words will help the senior become stress free as they will be focusing on past events, instead of current day struggles

Reading Poetry

  • Memory: While reading poetry, the reader usually tries to compare the story being told and past event that has happened to them, which will help their long term memory
  • Calming Effect: While reading poetry may bring back old memories, it also relaxes the reader. When they read and think about past events, it usually brings back good memories, calming the reader

Let Comfort Keepers Lend a Caring Hand

Comfort Keepers home care services are available to help you and your loved ones. Our care services are custom-made to help your loved ones and meet all their unique needs. Either of needing 24 hour home care service or only a few hours a day, we are here to provide the best home care services you can find.

To learn more how Comfort Keepers senior home care services can provide assistance, either contact us through the website or call us at (828) 436-1994.

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